Monday, September 08, 2008

Super Shanti Superhero

Svea has changed her name to Shanti (the girl on the left on Baloo's shoulder. She carries a water jug on her head from the river back to the village) and now she carries her toys on her head around the house. She's Shanti on the days when she is not Princess Pea, Snow White or V-V. That is the letters "V" and "V" which makes me nervous to say because it sounds so much like "Fifi" and I just can't go there. Yet.

When she got up from her non-nap nap today, she exclaimed loudly that she was not Shanti, but Super Shanti.

So I asked her, "What does a Super Shanti Say?"
And she thought about it. Hmmmmm...

Then decided on:
"I have the power to READ!"

Thank you, SuperWHY.

Does this mean we are watching too much TV?


Anonymous said...

She is SUPER with A SUPER INCREDIBLE FAMILY. Read on Super Shanti!

your Friend,
Bomba the Jungle Boy

Leta said...


Daniel Ferguson said...


Your stories are lovely. If Svea also has the power to write, you should definitely post some samples. Much love to you and your family.