Friday, May 22, 2009

The Big Change

We're going through a big change around here.
It has taken me about 59 tries to start this blog post. Here goes:

In a few weeks, we are moving from Indiana to Alabama.
This move embraces a lot of mixed emotions for us - A LOT - so this is my warning that I'll probably blog all emo-style for the next few months.

In all of the chaos of relocating, detaching from possessions, keeping a tight fist on friendships here with one hand and reaching forward flat-palmed with the other, here are the important things I have been worried about:

1. Will Kris or Adam win American Idol since surely Danny's votes will go to Kris, though Adam's voice and performance quality is stronger? (thankfully I don't have to fret this one anymore...)

2. What if we run out of soap?

3. What if Schnucks does another 10 or $10 offer on avocados in the next few weeks and I miss it?

4. What if my series recording for So You Think You Can Dance runs into a glitch and I miss one goofy audition before they get to Vegas?

5. What if I buy the wrong sunscreen and we get cancer from the parabens in the lotion instead of cancer from the sun?

That's just the Top Five List for this week.

As my mind circles all of the important things, I've been taking pictures of some of the places that I love here in Indiana.
Here's a shot of the outside of my favorite coffee shop:

And inside:

And my favorite barrista:

She is so kind to me, and allows me to mix my coffees from the carafes so it's perfectly dark and delish.
I don't even know her name.


stacy said...

So good to get pictures of your favorite places in your last few weeks in E'ville. You'll definitely treasure these! :)

ella ellis said...

I love your mind. It is so like my own. Emo away all you like!

joyce said...

I'll keep you posted on the avocado situation.

Sarah B said...

Now I'm wondering what parabens are... and the pictures are a great idea =)