Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cowpoke Day 2009

Today was Cowpoke Day at Preschool.

I was not familiar with this tradition, so I was informed that it was a day the children could come to school dressed as a cowboy or cowgirl, there would be a "camp fire" in the Big Room around which the children would sit, sing, and eat pigs in a blanket and marshmallows.

Henry, Svea and I talked about it last night and they went to bed all fired up about dressing up this morning.

When Svea woke up, this was her version of a cowgirl, but you had to "just call her a PRINCESS."


Henry got all into it with his rope for the lasso and the bandana and the boots he outgrew a year ago but amazingly they did not hurt his feet. Here is his cowboy pose:

When I got to school to pick them up at the end of the morning, Henry had chocolate all over his face. He said, "Mom, we ate chocolate cupcakes, biscuits and marshmallows so I do not want to eat lunch, okay?"

Then Svea's teacher gives her a frozen pop thing - you know the kind that is like frozen kool-aid in a plastic bag - which she holds in her hand all the way home so it's more just hand-temperature kool-aid in a bag when we get there. Yum.

She asks me in the car, "What's in a strawberry?"
Me: Some Vitamn C and Vitamin A and some juice -
Svea: We drink juice in the Big Room at school!
Henry: Yeah! We do!
Me: And do you ride bikes in there?
Svea: No.
Svea: Oh. Yes we do.
Me: And drink juice?
Me: Hahahahahahahahahhahaha! Is that what the teacher says when she gives you your juice?
Henry: Yeah, they say that all the time.
Me: Hooray for Cowpoke Day then. Get what you get...


Crazy Train said...

LOVE it!

siduri1 said...

I don't like Cowpoke Day.

stacy said...

Just so you're ready for Alabama.....
Down here, it is "Get whatcha get and don't PITCH a fit!"
We PITCH, not THROW down south....

Sarah B said...

I went to apply at a daycare today, and they had western themed signs for the preschool - made me think of this =)

leta joy said...

At Arwyn's school it is "Take what you get..." etc but that is one of my favorite things learned at school.

I, Mollie said...

who knew there were multiple versions of this phrase...i wish i had known it 6 months ago!