Friday, May 22, 2009

Instead of Packing

Instead of packing and organizing, here's what I've been doing:

1. Lace pattern scarf for Neda
2. Front of Estes's Quilt
3. Back of Estes's Quilt
4. New Knitting Bag
5. Svea's new green dress (which she won't wear)
6. Napkin Borders for Baby Shower
7. Lollipop Tea Cozy
8. Svea's new cat dress
9. Margarita Pin Cushion

It truly is amazing what you can do when stressed and distracted...


stacy said...

I'm in do you do it?!

Sarah B said...

Impressive. And I would totally wear that green dress (if it wasn't way to small, of course).

bp said...

you are amazing. so many crafty questions- did you make the bag? how did you do the borders?? is that with your machine? is the scarf knit or crochet? i'm such a dork. It's all so great. geez, I wish you were closer!

I, Mollie said...

Stace, I did it by stopping reading. My head's just too frantic that my hands need tasks.
Sarah - I'll totally make you a Lucy dress :)
BP - made the bag with leather scraps from one of B's projects. I used a denim needle and regular thread and went slow. I'm not sure if that's the correct way or not. I zig-zagged the edges and did not tuck them in - I figured leather doesn't fray. I have so much to learn. My machine didn't get too mad at me over it. The scarf is knitted. And you are not a dork.

ella ellis said...

that's it. this time i am REALLY taking up sewing! you are so inspiring!

Anonymous said...

Put me down for sewing lessons when you move here. Seriously, I have a sewing machine that I haven't touched b/c I need someone to "refresh" me on how to use it. (I haven't used one since highschool) And Maggie would totally wear that dress if Svea won't. Counting down the days.