Sunday, May 24, 2009

I, Husband's Productive Procrastination

Is "productive procrastination" an oxymoron?
Whatever, he's made a beautiful library table for his new office.
It all started like this:

and ended like this:

I have named it The Third Child.


ella ellis said...

that's it! this time i am REALLY taking up woodworking! wow!

and i am in th emidst of some pretty accurately named productive procrastination, myself - painting the house, redoing closets, cleaning basement, purging clothes ... all in service of writing this %$#* article. sure i am.

ella ellis said...
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stacy said...

You guys are not normal. This is AMAZING! What a talented, gifted, productive, creative, and inspirational couple you are. Hang in there! The move is just around the corner and you'll be settled before you know it! :)

Sarah B said...

That's beautiful! And I am quite the fan of productive procrastination - I like to think I'm rather good at it (not sure if that's a good or bad thing!)