Thursday, May 21, 2009

For Those of You With Absolutely Nothing to Do for About Nine Minutes

I put up a little video of Henry and Svea's Spring Program and Graduation on You Tube HERE.
It's only a selection of the songs since there was a little boy who kept sticking the back of his head in my camera, and because I thought I could spare you, for real.

There is a girl in Svea's class who is front row and center in a white dress with big pink flowers on it. I call her The Rock Star.  You can't miss her. She knows every word and dance move. Unfortunately, Svea is standing to the left of her and the Rock Star's big dance moves cover most of Svea and her Cinderella dress. I really don't think Svea cared a bit.

Henry is a row behind Svea and to the right. I don't think he cared much either. About any of the singing.

But since Tuesday, they have LOVED watching themselves on the computer and singing along. Thank goodness for You Tube. 

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Mer said...

that is so great! thanks for sharing. lydia LOVED seeing them on their own video. so fun.