Tuesday, May 05, 2009

I Said, He Said, She Said

So I said, "Svea, are you sure you want to wear that Dora t-shirt over the tractor t-shirt that's over the white t-shirt?" And she said, "Yes, Mom. It's for safe keeping."

So I said, "Henry, if you wobble on that rock on one foot with flip flops on, you might fall in and that's okay but that just means you get wet. Because it's water." And he says, "I'm not gonna FALL." So then the lake says, "Spuh-lash."

So I said, "I, Husband, if they aren't doing anything wrong and they are just trying to make me crazy, can I still send them to Time Out?" And he says, "Of course."

So I say, "Did y'all have fun feeding the ducks?" And they say, "What ducks?"


Babs said...

Oh. My. God. Can we trade children for a week? I need some new material.

Sarah B said...

This made me smile =)

stacy said...

You are so funny! My favorite was, "Spuh-lash."
:) SB

I, Mollie said...

Babs - will trade any time.