Sunday, January 29, 2006

Ball Gawggie Sauside?

Henry asks this question 9,492,053 times just in the morning. Translation: Can we go outside and throw the ball with the dog? Duh.
Every Sunday morning we get a babysitter to play with Henry while Svea and I go across the street to Chapel, or to play with Svea so Henry and I can go to Chapel. This morning, none of us went (but Brian) giving us one more day to rid the germs. But I didn't cancel the sitter. Hee hee.
So Sitter took Henry sauside to throw the ball with the gawggie (and, yes, I am sad to report that Henry has started interchanging "ball" with "ngongaa" - sad, sad day we all knew would come...) and I got to watch for a few minutes while I brewed yet another pot of coffee. My heart melted 9,492,053 times. And it was only 10:15am.

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