Sunday, January 29, 2006

Caught It

The other day, Henry was still for about 1.6 minutes and I caught it in this picture. All these toys and he's just so busy with other running or jumping.

His perspective on the world and the things in it has made me smile continuously the past few weeks. For instance, we were flipping through a book about shapes the other day, and for the triangle example there is a picture of a slide at a playground. He spent the next 5 minutes trying to get his bum on that picture of the slide so he could ride down it. I tried not to laugh as he was already frustrated that sitting on the book was not near as fun as his memory of sliding.

When he eats a sandwich, he gets bored after 2 bites. So I have to remind him "take a bite of your sandwich" and he'll look at it on his tray like he's never seen it before and happily pick it up to take a bite. Except instead of turning it so the edge of the bread fits in his mouth for a bite, he'll try to bite the flat side of the bread as it lays against his face. Um...

He'll try to fit all shapes and sizes of toys into holes and nooks and crannies and sometimes I just want to ask him, "Can you not TELL that the whole toy box won't fit inside your Sesame Street Playhouse??" but by the time I think of that sentence, he's in the next room sitting on a car the size of my palm and wondering why he can't ride it like he rides his pedal tractor.

As I giggle at these blunders of shape, size and perspective, he'll come around and surprise me with how clever he is. The other night, Brian watched him fit blocks into a wooden box that has holes cut out in the sides in the shapes of the blocks. He couldn't find the rectangular hole that the rectangle he was holding should fit in. After a few tries, he simply turned the rectangle long-ways and fit it in the square hole. How's THAT for perspective, Mommy?

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