Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Is one of the many things I never thought I would say.

Henry got a musical instrument set for Christmas because we went into the store and he ran straight to the package and opened it so I had to buy it. The only other time that has happened was when I was checking out at a maternity clothing store and those smart marketers put these stuffed animals on the low shelves by the cash register so any child in a stroller could reach over and grab one and quickly stuff the entire head of whatever animal in their mouth. Which my son did. With a yellow duck. Which we then bought.

He also loves getting the cans out of the food pantry one at a time and starting a tower in the middle of the kitchen. After adding each can, he'll point at it and shout "stack! stack!"
I will affirm that yes, indeed, he has created a STACK of cans. Then I will try not to trip over them as I make a snack or dinner or something. The maracas-as-drumsticks has only happened once.

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