Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Staging Words

This may be my favorite stage with Henry.
He is very verbal and these new words - correct and incorrect - are such a delight. My favorite today was "SAU - SIDE." Now he says his S's real juicy and the D was hardly there and sounds more like a Y in this indication that he is sick and tired of being indoors. Sau-side is usually said while he throws his entire body against the door. So I get the hint already.

Other faves:
ngongaaaaa = any athletic ball
ra-ra = yogurt
gark = dark (or no sun which he then walks around with his arms in the air saying "sun? sun? sun?")
Teeah = Svea
goggie = doggie
haweey = Harry (the Monster or Potter)
LLLL-LLL-LL (moving the tongue over the top lip) = Elmo
too = any number
munh-munk = chipmunk
wy-dees = Wyatt (a friend down the street)

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