Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Links on the Side

As I am learning how to update and manage this site, I wanted to put some links on the right hand side of some other blogs and web sites that I have been reading. These sites are funny, irreverent at times. involve parenting and the arts. Some are crafty with paper and sewing and paint and others are...crafty in other ways.
I'll changes these from time to time, but these are the ones I'm currently hooked on.

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Cathryn Meier said...

Mollie! How awesome your life is! You and Brian are so lucky to have such great kids! Your comments made me laugh, mostly from remembering when my boys were small and life seems so CRAZY! One time when Brandon was little and we had just moved to Atlanta, dummy me decided to go to a mall. Of course I didn't even know how to get there so I looked it up in the phone book and called a store and asked for directions! Before the time of mapquest! I made it there and parked and pushed Brandon around a million stores all afternoon. Those malls there are gigantic! When we are leaving the mall and packing up to get into the car and put the stroller in the trunk I find a stuffed Pooh Bear that had lots of drool on it that did not belong to us! The tag had been chewed and was wet and gross. I was way too embarassed to go back in so I just STOLE it! Yes I am a theif! Oh well, a mom has to do what a mom has to do. I wasn't even sure I could find that store again in the huge place. Oh what memories. your comments bring it all back!

Love to all,