Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Idolizing the Idol

Last night I was so excited that I was going to get to ROT MY BRAIN for two whole hours watching the season premier of American Idol's fifth season. No lie - I looked forward to it all day and it's not even to the good part yet. Brian enjoys watching it with me just to "join me on my ride" he says. I get so worked up that I can't even watch when someone terrible is up and I just about cry over my goose bumps when someone is good and gets invited to Hollywood.

So, in thinking about how our culture idolizes the famous, I am confused at my obsession. How can I watch a show that pretty much is making fun of people just like me? I would NEVER audition for American Idol or So U Think U Can Dance or any show like that, but I sit in my living room and experience the emotions of the judges and the contestants to the point of sweating, crying and yelling at the TV. It's just as bad as auditioning. I am obsessed with fame and talent.

I think that Randy, Paula and Simon KNOW that America is full of people like me (in addition to the thousands that actually audition) and are off secretly giggling in the corner over their millions of bucks. I think they want to see how ridiculous they can make all of us look - all of us who would do anything for fame. Thankfully, I'm just rearranging my schedule and checking the clock all day and am not practicing various ballads by Elton John and Kelly Clarkson. But Henry is...

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