Monday, January 23, 2006

Cakes, Apples and Ernie

During Svea's evening nap yesterday, Henry and I decided to make a cake. A big, fat chocolate cake for me and all the other women that come over to watch Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy on Sundays. Though Henry would have no part in our soiree, he generously gave of his time to sit on the counter with me and eat the chocolate chips I was trying to add to the batter. Then he lovingly warned me about how hot the oven was and would gingerly wave his hand in front of the door. Then, as if possessed, he stared at the rising cake through the oven door and start flicking his tongue like a snake. !!??!?!?!?!?! He slowly approached the door as if to lick it. What a weirdo.

During Svea's nap this morning, Henry once again wanted to get up on the kitchen counter. This time he wanted to share an apple. As I had just finished a cup of peppermint tea, there is just nothing better than a red apple to follow. Especially with a child. So we cut it up in little pieces and he would grab one and stuff it in his mouth, hand me a piece, and with juice and other bits coming down his chin he would point to my piece and yell "Mommy's APPPUUUULLLLLLL." I thought I would explode with love.

Typically after his post-lunch siesta, Henry has a snack and watches a Sesame Street video while emerging from his nap coma. He doesn't really want me to sit with him or squeeze him, so I just had to take a picture instead.

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