Wednesday, April 18, 2007

All Star Sports #2

Henry had another session of All Star Sports this past Monday. Last week was basketball and this week was soccer. But Henry likes to include all sports rules when playing, so our soccer ball got dribbled a LOT.

He was in a weird mood too and just couldn't decide if he wanted to be part of the group or not.

I thought he would warm up a little...but he never really caught on.

There was one drill where the coach rolled the ball to each child and the child was supposed to stop the ball with his/her foot. Henry didn't like that drill. Coach turned to me at one point and from across the gym suggested that we work on this at home.

There was this one kid who must play soccer in his sleep. He was incredible. Here he is scoring. Henry's just watching him.
I would have gotten out of his way too.

After their water break, they broke up into orange and green teams to "play" each other. Henry was on the orange, but just kept running in circles, pumping his arms in the air, yelling, "Go Aces! Go Aces!"

He also liked just standing and playing in the green team's goal. Future goalie I guess.

There are two girls who are twins in the class and their mom asked Coach what next week's sport was and Henry heard Coach tell her FOOTBALL.
I spent one full day explaining that no, you CANNOT tackle your friends in the gym. This will be FLAG FOOTBALL. So Henry wanted to know why Uncle Brad tackled HIM and why was that okay?
So now we talk about flag football 23 hours a day and repeat for one hour, "You ONLY tackle Uncle Brad."
Heh heh.

Our training has begun.
(This picture was taken yesterday while he watched old footage of Alabama football)

Just in time for the A-day game.


leta joy said...

I cannot believe I just clicked on that link.

iMollie said...

hahahaha made you look.