Monday, April 09, 2007

Toddler All Star!

Henry had his first organized sports experience today at the All Star Clinic at the YMCA.
For the next 6 Mondays, he'll learn a new sport. Today was BASKETBALL.

First they listened to a story and then they practiced dancing and wiggling then stopping when the coach blew her whistle. I think I laughed for the entire hour we were there.

Then they lined up and practiced running and dribbling and dribbling while walking. Henry is third from the right.

They broke up into two teams, orange and green, and here Henry scores for the orange! of these things is not like the other...

...Henry also scored for the green team.

We got home and it was only 10:25am. It should at LEAST be 3pm.
Svea had to take an early nap (worn out from watching her brother play and all) and Henry is eating, relaxing and relishing in his sister's absence.
As any good big brother basketball player would do.

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