Sunday, April 15, 2007

Shameless Promotion

My mother is not the Avon World Sales Leader, I admit. She does, however, have HER VERY OWN WEB SITE!

I am really proud of her since she tends to completely freak out if the blinking cursor is one inch off on her Word document or if the computer can't read her mind as it changes. We all do that a little, though.
She made her website and it's up and running, consolidating her creative interests and artwork. It's there on the left in my blogroll, Robin C. Jackson.

ALSO, my brother's web site is up and running!
He and Amber have been working on getting this going and it looks mighty fine. Polished, even. John Stewart will most likely start teaching art soon in Singapore, so hopefully there will be more to add as their time overseas deepens.

And finally, in an act of true shameless promotion, I've started scanning in some of the prints and paintings I have been working on. There are about 5 more that are wet or I'm not sure where to go there aren't many to look at. Most of what I have been doing is copying and messing up, the beginning of all processes I guess. But it's fun. And that's the current goal. It's all there in the blogroll under iMollie, imollie.

Happy web surfing.

1 comment:

am said...

first of all, hooray for your website!! i love that you are putting your artwork online. i think you are so talented and it is about time you started sharing your skilzz. :)

and thanks for linking to robin's---i didnt even know she HAD a website! awesome. ive linked it already.

amazing how we can connect in all these ways. what did we do without the internet before?!!