Monday, April 30, 2007

BSC Alumni Party

This past weekend was Brian's 10-year anniversary celebrating his graduation from college at Birmingham-Southern.
It was so hectic I thought we were there for 9 days and the only time I whipped out the camera was when they were bouncing around the Wacky World.

Brian and I did get to go out both Friday and Saturday night (sans children) which was a major special treat. Friday night we got to talk with Liz, the Kyzer, and her husband John Wilson so we felt a little famous at the end of it all.

We also found out that our friend Ginny Phillips has a book coming out in February so you can look forward to promotion of that also.

All in all, we got to reconnect with old friends, laugh a lot, celebrate Service Learning at BSC and my dad's involvement and amazing tenure there.
We are tired, but really happy.


Liz said...

I feel so honored to get a shout out on the blog! It was a fun weekend--great to see y'all.

iMollie said...

great to see you too, Liz. keep us posted on your job, what's coming next, etc.