Saturday, April 07, 2007


We've prepared for Easter in some way all week long.

I don't really like the Easter "stuff" that goes along with the actual event. It's nothing theological, I just don't get into dying eggs or hunting them or opening them to see what's inside or making fun baskets or anything.

I think there's a disconnect for certain holidays in my brain and it honestly did not even occur to me to make Easter baskets for tomorrow morning. I guess it's another thing Henry and Svea will work out in therapy later. Especially since I am related by blood to people who make amazing Easter baskets and cute, creative items to go in them. I just don't.

On that note, we went to an Easter egg hunt this morning.

Each child was allowed to find 6 eggs that were scattered on the flat lawn beside the church. Then a youth came out dressed like a bunny and everyone got scared. The bigger kids got their pictures made, then we all went in and had Hi-C and white cake. Very soon after that, we walked home all smacking and sticky in the 20 degree wind chill.

I think Henry had fun. But he also likes to wear his underwear backwards and run in circles around the house for about 3 hours. So who really knows?

Svea was an ethusiastic participant...

...until she shoved white cake UP her nose and I still don't know why. She didn't cry or anything. She let me pick out the icing with no fuss, either. Maybe she was just as confused by all the Easter hub-bub as I am.
Who really knows...

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