Sunday, April 01, 2007

Lining It All Up

There were many blog-worthy moments on this Palm Sunday.
It began with the puddle-splashing fun time we all had during church, after communion which ended up with us (Henry and Svea, that is) going home naked.

I didn't have my camera for that, unfortunately, as there were some pretty deep puddles they were SITTING in. In their clothes.

Then there was the baseball game with Calvin, and Svea's tyrant, monster behavior, followed by the redneck laps around the yard on the Razz motor scooter that signals the coming of spring and summer.

After Svea fell asleep, Henry came into his own. Quietly.

Please note the checklist:
1. Cookie monster bag full of cars
2. Tool belt strapped around the waist
3. No pants
4. The guitar
5. The cars and trucks
6. LINING UP the cars and trucks
7. The Alabama football t-shirt
8. Did I mention Svea was asleep?


natalie said...

Yeahhhh! Nothing like getting naked after church!!!

iMollie said...

especially if your Daddy is the preacher!!!