Thursday, April 19, 2007

Another (not so) All Star Moment

We found out on Monday at Henry's All Star Sports Class that there was one for Svea's age on we signed her up.
However, this Wednesday turned out to be the day that NONE of the participants in the class wanted to play. At least it wasn't just Svea who cried and wanted me to hold her the whole time we were hopping, jumping, crawling, singing, dancing in a circle.

The theme that day was soccer, just like Henry's class, and here's where the soccer equipment sat:

while the other children cried or wandered aimlessly through the gym.
So the wise teacher pulled out this:

and most of the kids enjoyed it. Not Svea. This is what she did when she let me put her down:

Henry, however, had the best 45 minutes of his day.
In fact, it was Henry and the teacher participating in most all of the activities. She thanked me for bringing him at the end.

Maybe Svea will warm up next week...for 20-month-old flag football. Stay tuned...

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