Monday, April 30, 2007

Last Week All Star

Last week at All Star Sports, the sport of the day was Flag Football.
We spent all week talking about how to pull flags instead of decking the other kids. Turned out, we probably didn't need to worry too much because Henry was on some other planet the whole session.

He did love running in circles:

And learning to run through the cones:

And waiting in line with his teammates:

However, that would be him rolling on the floor there on the far left. Hugging his ball:

And this sweet girl was helping him with his hat after she helped him put his shoes back on for the 8th time that morning:

So THIS is the "flag" they speak of:

Henry, performing the "Shake Your Furry Tail" song and dance before running around like a maniac trying to pull off other people's flags. Except he wouldn't pull anyone's off. He just got close to them, and then sat down.

I was way more tired than he was by the end.

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neda said...

These All-Star blogs make me pee in my pants with laughter.