Monday, April 07, 2008

Henry-Svea Interlude

Some quotes from the last few months:

Henry: "Oh, Mommy! Your eyes are like blueberries just like MINE are like blueberries!" (While I am explaining to him why I spanked him)

Svea: Look! The letter P! (after biting her twisty pretzel to resemble the letter P)
Mommy: Great! What sound does the letter P make?
Svea: (silence). Chocolate.
Mommy: Definitely.

Henry: (Drawing his finger in an "x" between my eyes while I'm scolding him)
Mommy: Why did you do that, Henry?
Henry: I was trying to make your eyebrows go down because you are mad.

Svea: (while in the car when I cannot reach her, holding up her finger) Look at this booger!
Mommy: (scrambling, freaking) I'm getting you a tissue, Svea. DON'T EAT IT.
Svea: (waving her finger in the air and singing:) It's alllll goooooooonnnnnnne...

Henry: Something's wrong with my mac and cheese.
Mommy: What is it?
Henry: Something's in it.
Mommy: What's in it?
Henry: I think it's a fingernail.
Mommy: There is NOT a fingernail in your mac.
Henry: Yes. There. Is.
Mommy: (It's the end of the day, people) If you cannot figure out your macaroni and cheese, I cannot help you.

Svea's Lesson Of The Month (that is, what I tell her at least 4 times a day):
I am only one person. I can only do one thing at a time. You HAVE to be patient.

I think she's getting it.

Henry's Lesson Of The Month (that is, what I tell him at least 4 times a day):
The clothes don't make the man or woman. You have everything you need. Everything.

I think he's getting it. At least for 6 whole minutes each time. And then I repeat it.


Babs said...

Thanks for giving me a chuckle this early in the morning. I adore your children.

Beth said...

dear H&S, two of my most favorite people. miss you guys!

Love, Aunt Beth