Sunday, April 20, 2008

Wabi-Sabi Finale

The final tally is done.

Courtney's photo generated the most votes:

Did you have to lie on the ground to get that shot, or did you just stick your camera under there? Congratulations on an amazing photo, and for getting the most votes.

Based on the votes, here are the top shots by each photographer (which you have seen) but arranged in a mosaic.

You all really got the concept.

Who's ready for the next Assignment?


A.M. said...

Wow - I really love how you compiled it all into the mosaic and would like a print of that - amazing. thanks so much for coordinating all of this and displaying it all so well - you're the bomb and this was not a stupid idea AT ALL! love you

amber said...

i absolutely loved this assignment...thanks for inspiring us and jump starting our creative juices. when is the next one??


Anonymous said...

Thanks for hosting such an interesting project! I love the mosaic - looks like a card cover. Looking forward to the next assignment. ~sandy (aka ruffhouse)

ellaellis said...

what is this and when can i get in on it???!