Monday, April 07, 2008

Wabi-Sabi 8: Kaye


Meet Kaye.

This photo of the railing borders a disused brickworks
that I cycle passed each day I take my daughter to
Pre-School, it's now used as a landfill sight. It
depicts the history and new life of a very ordinary
industrial space.

This picture shows a Plane tree in mid winter
with its seedballs hanging, dead, but about to drop. I
love the shape of these spikey seeds.
It was taken in a supermarket carpark.

Comments and Voting begin.


amber said...

kaye, these are nice shots. i love the perspective on the railing and the way the paint has chipped away to show its age....and the hanging gumballs from the tree are so delicate...i love this shot and the way you have captured them against the gray sky. really nice.

{B} said...

I love the looks very modern. The first shot os beautiful as well, I love the peeling paint. Great job!

Anonymous said...

Great job - love the seeds in the trees - great perspective.

bp said...

I agree with everyone else- great shots, my favorite is the tree- the sweet gums don't even look real!

Anonymous said...

You are amazing!! I love both of these! You capture the textures and lighting so well. Nicely done...