Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Wabi-Sabi 5: Beedie


Meet Beedie.

Bubbles taken in the back yard fish pond that we inherited, yet think about filling in as soon as these darn fish finish their aging process. I was thinking about impermanence and the fleeting moments of bubbles as I watched them, also the process of oxygenation for those fish, and how clean the bubbles look against the green background of the gross pond.

An old mum on the front porch, surrounded by pansies that are still hanging on. Wabi-sabi with the decay, the shadows, and contrasts in texture.

A maple tree that we are hoping will come back to life, but we're not sure yet. I like the contrasts in color, especially as a black and white. Wabi-sabi in its potential and memory of beauty.

Commenting and Voting begin.



the ruffhouse said...

I love the shallow depth of field and high contrast on the black and white photo. Nice work!

ellieandavasmommy said...

I love the bubbles - we almost bought a house with a pond in back and had considered filling it in, too! anyway, I like how clean the bubbles look, like you said.

{B} said...

Oh how I do like Black and white...great job!

Anonymous said...

I also really like the black and white photo. It just makes the flowers look soft against the hard branch. The flowers almost look like feathers to me. I also like that you almost can feel them holding on to the branch in desperation. I could see that one dropping at any moment!

amber said...

the b&w photo is stunning. just looking at it made me catch my breath and slow down for a minute. i love this one.