Monday, April 14, 2008

Wabi-Sabi 12: Bess


Meet Bess.


These are all along the back of our house, so I see them everyday and think of them as one big nasty bruise or cut for my son- but looking at them through wise 'wabi sabi' goggles, they are actually really nice!


I liked how the rust affected the wear on the boards.


This is in Colorado where the Hayman fire went through in 2002- over 130,000 acres burned, the largest documented in CO history. Even if you aren't a tree hugger, it can't help but bring tears to your eyes to see it in person. I have to keep reminding myself that burn is good for the forest, and life is rejuvenated through it.

Comments and Voting begin now.


Anonymous said...

The tree photo is great. It is a great Wabi-Sabi statement and beautifully composed with great texture and color.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Bess - I really love all of these! You are very artistic and you did a great job! Thank you for sharing.

{B} said...

oh Bess...I Love the fence one...they are all just beautiful!

amber said...

hey bess, these are great photos. i love the colorado powerful and moving and there is so much to be told from this one shot. very provocative and beautiful colors and perspective. thank you for sharing this.

Sandy said...

The trees are most wabi-sabi'ish. Love the contrast of the dark wood to the beautiful blue skies. And the lines on fence photo are super - along with the colors. very nice!