Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Wabi-Sabi 4: Courtney


Meet Courtney.

Thorn Cross

Thorn bushes are not usually something I give two glances to, but this one caught my eye. I loved the colors in the stem of the thorn bush up close. Also, the contrast in the smoothness of the thorn bush overall to the perfected point of each thorn is a wonderful disparity.

Weathered Fence

In Lincoln Park where new developments abound and contemporary condos are on every corner, finding this old, weathered wood fence gave me a sense of peace and the familiarity of home. The March snow made it even more tranquil in that moment.

Tree Flowers

This is a dead flowering bush that somehow made it through this perpetual Chicago winter. I took this shot from the base of the stem upward, and loved the strength that the stems and flowering tops portrayed, as though they were ancient cypresses that could live gave me hope that even I can make it through this winter!

Begin comments and votes.


Anonymous said...

Hi Courtney! I love these photos. The trees have me mesmerized. They look like they could be 100 ft. tall or a close up picture of something very small all at the same time. I love the way they fill the frame in such a scattered way.

I think your description is very poignant and reminds me that if God can keep even these plants standing through harsh conditions, how much more will he sustain me through the Wabi-Sabi of my life.


Anonymous said...

or bush rather... cypress tree bush

Anonymous said...

Very nice, Courtney! I also love the tree flowers one - great perspective and made me even think of broccoli! I enjoyed all of your photos - great job!

carroll lane said...

I LOVE the pictures! The clarity of the thorns is wonderful - I love how their are miniature slippery slopes...sorta representative of the thorns in our lives. The third picture is very captivating. I wish I could have seen you laying down under someone else's hedge to get this picture! I'm so impressed with all of them!

iHusband said...

These are all really wonderful. The thorn pic has so much going on it with the ways the thorns distinguish themselves from the vine. The second one reminded me how much I want the winter to be frickin' over, but it also reminded me of those good moments when the snow slows everything down. If I ever make an album, I want to contract the third pic as my CD cover.

I, Mollie said...

Courtney, all three photos are wonderful, but as the votes are showing, that third one is so compelling. Thank you for taking our eyes up. With all this rain and snow, I feel like I walk around only looking out for ice and puddles.

the ruffhouse said...

Love the trees. Makes me wonder what's up there in the sky beyond them.

{B} said...

I love the Trees! They are absolutly makes me long for the summer days of sitting under the trees looking up at the sky...thank you for sharing!!!

bp said...

these are great- especially the trees. I love the perspective of them! makes me want to lay down and see the world from that view. BP