Thursday, April 10, 2008

Wabi-Sabi 11: Stephanie


Meet Stephanie.

This is the state of my shower today. Prioritizing my day with
Liam means accepting some imperfections here and there.

I was in Palm Beach, Florida last week and found this woman alone
on the beach kind of comforting. I like her boldness and willingness to
enjoy the sun despite age or surroundings (Although, I do hope she's wearing

We have a screened porch that is my favorite place in the warmer
months. It is finally the perfect season for me to enjoy my little retreat
in the mornings and evenings. This candle is worn down from nights of
sitting and talking with friends as well as the effects of the months in

Comments and voting begin.


carroll lane said...

Steph, love the ranging subjects of all three pictures. All third are great but the third one is my fav. Love the many circles and their many colors. Looking at the 2nd one, I also like the wabi-sabiness of the rough tracks in the sand that naturally should be very smooth. way to go!

bp said...

I love the circles in the candle- such a great perspective! great shots- all so different.

amber said...

i really thought i left a comment on here already..? but steph, these photos are wonderful. i love all of them. i cannot even decide which one to vote for because they are all so creative and artistic. really really great photos. these are among my favorites.