Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Wabi-Sabi 13: Allison


We are in our home stretch for this Workshop! We will have two more days of "discussion" and then somewhat of a Show on Monday to display the top votes. As of now, we may have a few tie-breakers to vote on over the weekend.

For today, meet Allison.

She comments:

"These were all taken at a park with my two sons. None require much individual explanation, but I tried to find some beauty in a fairly familiar setting for me. The first two are of my sons on the swings. I tried to give a contrast of the dirty, smudgy swings and sweet little fingers and torsos:

The third is a shot of some shadows on one of the playground poles. None are really intrinsically beautiful, I think, but I was with my sons and in a more playful mood. I was trying to give a contrast, as I've said, of the innocence of childhood and the grimy remainders of people and nature. The joy of a playground really is beautiful, but there are remnants, like dirt (and sometimes tears!) that aren't so appealing."

Comments and Voting begin.


Anonymous said...

Love all 3 and can identify with dirtiness on playgrounds. My vote is for the 1st one....a dirty, probably uncomfortable (I would not want to sit in something shaped like that!) swing but it's safe and fun for kids.

Anonymous said...

good job, Allison. I love the second one with those sweet fingers, the grimy swing, and the nice warning sign they put on the front. very nice.

bp said...

I love the sweetness of the boys' bodies against the toys- so sweet and holds the promise of much fun. the 3rd is my favorite- I think the orange against the black is awesome. bess

I, Mollie said...

I actually voted for the first photo because I felt like it played tricks on my eyes...I didn't know where to land almost.
But in the third one, I loved the shadows of the trees on the pavement and how that disrupted my study of the circles on the column.
Honestly, the second one stressed me out because I am always wondering where my kids' hands have been when we leave a park...or anywhere, really. Building immunities, I say, building immunities...