Monday, April 07, 2008

Wabi-Sabi 10: Stacy


Meet Stacy.

"door in Zittau, Germany (formerly East Germany)"

Zittau is an old, communist town that is in the process of re-building. There are lots of old buildings still around that are falling to pieces. This door opens onto a vacant lot--perhaps where apartments used to stand.

"dilapidated MacLaren"

After 3 years of amazing service, this stroller was hit by a car (with my youngest in it!). The beauty in the ripped rubber strip and the demolished wheel is that it took the hit and left my baby in tact.

"martyrs in downtown traffic"

This is the Martyr's Memorial statue in downtown Oxford, England. It reminds me of how the mundane reclaims even the most dramatic of earthly circumstances.

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I, Mollie said...

all of your photos are so different - that's really refreshing. i want to hear more about the martyr's memorial statue. and i had to hold my hand over my heart thinking of your child in that stroller and a car hitting it! good grief.
the doorway in zittau takes the cake for me though. i think i want a series of gates and doorways hanging on my wall after this workshop...
thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the lighting of the gate. The way it works around the doorway is just incredible. It softens an already crumbling exterior in a fascinating way. It's almost dreamlike.

The whiteness of the light behind gives it a very heavenly vibe. I'd feel really comfortable walking through a gate like this to meet my maker.


Anonymous said...

Great job Stacy! I love the doorway too and am so intrigued that 2 people overseas took pictures of doorway/gateways - how interesting! I'm so glad your baby was not hurt and I love the martyr statue - very nice.

{B} said...

Beautiful pictures, the Martyr's statue really makes me want to be there in Oxford...I am so glad you baby is did a wonderful job!

Anonymous said...

Nice photos. As a mother, my heart was in my stomach reading about your stroller scare. The Martyr's Memorial photo is a strong Wabi-Sabi statement as well. I always find it surreal in England and across Europe to be surrounded by such old old architecture and history mixed with things as unimpressive as a Ford Focus. Great ideas.


Anonymous said...

Hey now, Some of us drive Ford Focuses. They are a lot more impressive than you'd think.

But I guess I have to give it up to martyrdom. I don't think anybody died for my hatchback.

Anonymous said...

Fair enough! I doubt the Martyr's Memorial would get nearly as good gas mileage. The Focus certainly has its place!


bp said...

Love them all. I echo Mol, in the stroller one- my stomach was in my throat, but thank goodness for that wheel! Love the gate so much, and the memorial. It's a tough call- wondeful concepts!

amber said...

i love the doorway photo...something so intriguing about doorways with history...they can invite you to peer inside and maybe even take a brave step through their entry way... this is a great photo and i agree that the lighting is incredible. very nice shot.