Friday, April 25, 2008

Teaching Tools

Henry's love of sports, particularly baseball and football, continues with a vengeance this Spring.

I got worried about it at one point and a friend who is a teacher assured me that he was normal. She said that kids need to be able to learn one thing, just one thing, and then everything else can be related to that thing.

I'm feeling pretty clear on what Henry's One Thing is. Here's the run down:

SHAPES - he has learned his shapes by studying the shape of the baseball field, the squares of the bases and the rooftop of home plate.

COLORS - by studying the jerseys of every single team in existence, of course.

NUMBERS - yard lines, innings, players' numbers on their jerseys.

TAKING TURNS - innings.

LETTERS - A starts Alabama. Enough said.

MUSIC - learning the fight songs and having the entire family sing them. Repeatedly.

GEOGRAPHY - "It's a long trip from our house to Bryant-Denny Stadium."

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Anonymous said...

reading this while I'm at a conference on parenting is interesting. Your teacher friend is right. Pay attention to your child's passion, use it to help them adapt to this crazy world, be responsible for their behavior; you are on to something. I'll write up my notes and tell you more later. love you.