Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Svea-Henry Interlude

We'll take a Wabi-Sabi break this weekend (though you can continue voting) and fill you in on the happenings in the household this week.
We've been busy, of course, but I think more busy than usual the past 5 days. Lots of funny things happening with the toys too...

A good man went down in a tackle at some point.

Thank goodness for E6000 glue.

Then later today I came upon this scene in the breakfast room.

It's not the same guy.
I guess word got around.

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Ashley said...

Hi Mollie -

I curently have too many large blank walls at my house and although I can't put into words how I feel about your friends and friends of friends photography as well as most, I wouldn't mind purchasing large prints of "Fence and Barb Wire" as well as "Tree Flowers". Excellent!
Hope all is well is IN. Please let me know next time you are in ATL.