Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bye Henry, Jack and Marv. Hello Morton.

Henry decided before Thanksgiving that his name was Jack.
Everyone had to call him Jack: family, friends, the librarian, even his preschool director.

Then he changed to Marv (pronouced Maaahhhv).

Then he found Morton (pronounced Moh-ton). Marv and Morton are friends on Charlie and Lola, of course.

Oh, and Morton has "frankles."


John & Denise said...

I think next week he should go for "Sizzles."

Maggie has entered the Charlie & Lola zone too.

ella ellis said...

but i just got used to calling him Jack!! aack!

I, Mollie said...

Me too, ella ellis. me too.

and yes, Sizzles would seem the next logical step and what I fear is that they will start the campaign to acquire their very own Sizzles. To live in our house. For me to take care of. I need one more year before that happens...

carroll lane said...

Love this. Oh, and you did a great job on his frankles!

We'd love to come visit - my girls have never seen "real" snow. I think Lillianna saw flurries last year and that's it.

Looking forward to the photo project! Thanks!