Friday, February 20, 2009

Noticing John's Week

1. Princesses,
Our daughter's dollhouse is overrun with small plastic people, including the Disney Princesses, who were oddly lined up and ready for their close-up.

2. Please,
This sign was hung up on a tree along one of the county roads where we live. I've never been one who thinks evangelism signs, bumper stickers, t-shirts did much good, but I really do like the fact that this one says "please."

3. Fish,
I carved this from a table top and have always loved this image of three fish as a trinity. I look at it everyday. It hangs in my office.

4. Three Months From This Date
This is a fortune cookie fortune I taped to my computer in the first few weeks at my new church. It was a much needed reminder that things would get better, and I think it was more appropriate than the poster of the kitten hanging from the line with "Hang in There" under it.

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