Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Still Adjusting

Today was one of those bitter cold days that makes your hands shrink in your gloves and your four-year-old asks you before stepping outside, "Mom, will we have smoke in our mouths today?"

Indeed, son.

Though our power is back on, Henry seriously asked me last night to come sit on the toilet seat and warm it up for him before he sat on it.
I love that kid, but there was no WAY I was doing that.

Svea's sleep patterns are still a little off and before she even opened her eyes this morning, she said, "Mom, I want to go to another house."
That is, she enjoyed the house-hopping we did to stay warm last week.

Luckily, things are supposed to thaw tomorrow and hopefully we'll get outside to frolick a bit. Then maybe we won't have to entertain with chalk drawings at Daddy's office or riding T-Bone the Bull at the mall. Just maybe.


ella ellis said...

a favorite poem around here:

Dragon Smoke

Breathe and blow
white clouds
with every puff.
It's cold today,
cold enough
to see your breath.
Breathe dragon

-Lilian Moore

I, Mollie said...

wonderful poem! thanks for that.
i will bring up the dragon smoke in the morning on the way to school...

Babs said...

Okay, the toilet seat request is one of the funniest things I have heard in a while. Henry definitely has the gift of humor. It's 4 degrees as I write.

bp said...

I agree that the toilet seat thing is hilarious. That one will keep me laughing for awhile!