Friday, February 20, 2009

Noticing Beth's Week

1. Ready to go home
NY Post protest outside of Rubert Murdoch's News Corp building. Was walking to grab a slice with my old boss and walked passed the protest. You read about it here.

2. On my way to lunch
Beautiful sunset view from the 40th floor, where I sit. You can see the Empire State building, Bank of America's new green building, Fashion Week in Bryant Park, Lady Liberty floating in the water. After a long day of sitting in a cube, it's nice to walk by the large windows and take in the view. Quickly reminds me why I live here.

3. Still at the office
Trapped in a glass bubble - view from our breakroom.

4. On my way home
Waiting on my ride to pick me up. I found this tree branch sticking out of a trash can last night. Seems as if someone purposely placed it there. As for the fruit cup, I got no explanation.

1 comment:

I, Mollie said...

Love how you can see your silhouette in the top left photo...