Saturday, February 28, 2009

Project Aware, Week 2

Last week, participants in Project Aware spent some time thinking about the food they eat.

Here was the assignment:
A Day Under Four

One day this week, try to eat only items that include four or fewer ingredients.
If you are looking at your meal, each component of your meal must be four ingredients or less.
Example for your sandwich component:

Each of those components of a sandwich must have fewer than four ingredients.

If you want chips, try tortilla. If you only have Pringles, maybe go for a raw carrot instead. Or some celery or cashews.

If it's too hard to do a whole day, try just one meal.

Once you have done what you can do, email me about the foods you ate, the picture of what you ate (if you feel inclined to snap a shot), any experiences or revelations you had, any thoughts around this assignment.

I'll post the responses throughout this week, along with a few pictures.

Happy, thoughtful eating to you all...

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