Friday, February 20, 2009

Project Aware, Week 1

A new workshop has begun!

Project Aware is a four week collaboration designed to heighten awareness of our days without creating more work.
It's about noticing what you are already doing.
This project involves taking pictures, noticing the food you eat, how your home is arranged, and personal intentions for your days.
Anyone can participate.

This week's assignment was to take four photos of your life.
This could be an image reflected in your coffee mug, your shoes before you put your feet in, what you see on the way to work, while at work, when home, going to bed, etc.
Each picture could be part of a theme, or they could be totally random. They were just to be of your day, your life. No posing.

I got lots of inspiration from Sisters of Serendipity as well as from The Noticing Project 2008 and 2009.

For our Project Aware, I am uploading all of the submitted photoshere, but if you only want to see the collection of mosaics, they are saved here.

Everyone who has submitted will be highlighted on the blog this week.

I'll go first.

Here are some things I noticed this week:

1. Cleats
I drive under these cleats several times a day. Sometimes I take a different route home so I don't have to notice them and feel sad for their owner.

2. Amphibians
I have passed this sign in every season and have yet to see an amphibian, or see the road closed in case they are crossing. I'm not giving up though.

3. Scarves
Trying to stay positive about these cold days we are having. Looking at my scarves through sunlight helps.

4. Nightstand
I noticed this week that my nightstand describes my current state very well: the white book I am enjoying so much that I don't want it to end is Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell - thank you, Heidi!; the yellow cup of water because I like to have a sip in the middle of the night; just recently I had to start setting an alarm again; the roll of toilet paper on top of the alarm clock for the runny noses that come to my bedside in the middle of the night; and all of the assorted clips and rubber bands as I am in a very in-between (read: ugly) hair phase.


lisa said...

in the hood the placement of shoes over the power line is a symbol for a drug procurement zone.
I'm not sure what cleats symbolize

A.M. said...

love these. in my mind i hope i am being more observant of my everyday things because of your project, but my camera is never close enough.
can't wait to be thinking about this week's assignment!
you're awes.