Thursday, February 05, 2009

Just in Time for the Oscars

In the movie "The Dream Team" there is a character who will only speak in baseball phrases. Like when someone makes a mistake, he says, "Swing and a miss!"
I remember cracking up at that so hard, and also thinking: how very clever.

That was 1989.
Now, I feel like I am having to decipher what Henry and Svea do and say to me to figure out what movie it came from. How do they memorize them so fast?

Henry saw a play doctor's kit the other day in the playroom and immediately said, "Just a little pinch and it will allllllllll be over..."
Where did he hear that? "101 Dalmations" to be exact.

Walking from the kitchen to the bathroom, he began singing "Everybody wants to BE a cat..."
It's been months since he saw "The Aristocats." And I have no idea what the connection of the kitchen to the bathroom is with that song.

When Svea woke up the other morning, she wanted me to hold her before she fully opened her eyes. So I was cradling her and smelling her sweet sleep smell, and she said, "Oh, Mom. It's like a wonderful dream come true.."
Indeed, my little Cinderella.

The other night at dinner, Henry had a dollop of sour cream on his plate. He removed all of his food to his napkin so he could see the dog picture on his plastic plate. Then he began dipping his finger in the sour cream and outlining the dog's face while saying, "Siiiimmmmbaaaaaaa..." like Rafiki does at the beginning and end of "The Lion King."

Dooce commented the other day that Disney ruins everything...and on some accounts, I totally agree. But the trivia has made my life very interesting, and hilarious, the past few weeks.

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A.M. said...

I love that so much. And you are so right about Dooce - I thought her comment was hilarious, but Disney does definitely keep things colorful when we only remember bits and pieces. Can't wait to see you all soon and squeeze those wonderful children, and you too of course. :)