Saturday, February 21, 2009

Noticing Carol's Week

As I was "noticing" this week, I found that I was drawn to certain objects that I see every day in or around my home. They seem to define the major forces that make up my existence day to day:

1. Hope--as seen in Dawn from my Kitchen Window

2. Interconnectedness and neverendingness (is that even a word?) of all things--seen in a stained glass piece I call Unity Circle

3. Love--the force that holds all of the elements of my life together as seen in Love Stitches (the first counted cross stitch my niece, Alicia, made when she was little).

4. Surprise--in Snow Berries--as a sudden and unexpected snow fell just today!

I loved the nudge to notice the little things that bring the greatest joy to each day.

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