Tuesday, February 10, 2009

She's Got Funny Words

I walked downstairs this morning to see I,Husband, Svea and Henry having cereal at the table. Svea had milk dripping off her chin and looked up to inform me that her "brother is being difficult." Except she can't really pronounce the word "difficult."

(missing you, Aunt Beth!)

Svea told me the other day that her "hanger" hurt and it was caused by a "the wind and a string and a duck." When I figured out that she was talking about a hangnail on her finger, she wouldn't let me clip it for 2 days. When I did finally trim it off, she said her "hang" felt better already.

On Saturday after a missed dance class, she asked if she could take her "leotarder" off because it was hurting.

Last night in the bathtub, she and Henry were playing Cat and Shark, of course. Svea had the foam puzzle piece that is a monkey but that she has decided is a cat. She named it Agua since it likes the water. Henry had the foam puzzle piece that was shaped like a shark and he named his Doo-doo...and then wondered why neither Svea nor I wanted to play with him anymore.

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