Sunday, February 22, 2009

Noticing Alicia's Week

1. After Shower

Before leaving my sanctuary each morning, the shower, I always pause for a moment in the steam, take a deep breath, and enter the cold.

2. Window

The morning sun streaming through the curtains makes a beautiful pattern of light and shadow on the floor of our living room. I look forward to this each day if I wake and know the sun is shining.

3. Donald & Daisy

My son has a love of vacuums. He knows which brands are which, and will quickly tell you that the Dyson is the best. He has lovingly named our Hoover vacuum, Donald, and his toy Dirt Devil vacuum, Daisy. He plays with them every day, gives them blankets when they're "cold," and often wants them to "sleep" at the foot of his bed. I love the maternal way he cares for these machines.

4. Morning Alarm

I have never experienced waking up and seeing the alarm clock clearly. This is an attempt to illustrate what I see when I first wake up. Of course, there are several inaccuracies I must mention: 1) I never get to sleep in until 9 am and 2) this image is much clearer than what I actually see.

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