Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

I just want to point out a few things about this video:

First, the words are set to the tune of Jingle Bells (as if that wasn't obvious har har) and they go:
Valentines, Valentines,
Valentines for you.
Valentines, Valentines,
Red and pink and blue.

Valentines, Valentines,
Valentines for me.
Valentines, Valentines,
Pretty as can be.

Those are the words, but I'm not sure we ever get them out in correct succession.

Second, even though the video does not show this, Henry does get in trouble when he hits his sister.
And we do, in fact, tell her to shake it off.

Third, this correctly portrays what happens when I ask them to do something and one has to hit the other and then one refuses to sing, and the other immediately agrees, then one changes the words, and on and on. Seriously, this is real.

Fourth, aren't they cute?


D & A said...

OMG. That was the best valentine's song ever! Thanks Henry and Svea!

ella ellis said...

that is TOO MUCH! loved it!

J & M

Anonymous said...

That Svea has a great 'shake it off' move. Loved the whole thing--save this for their wedding rehearsals!

Bobbie said...

that was from me. Love, Ma

bp said...

seriously, this is the best thing ever.

A.M. said...

so great - lydia loved it and was wishing she knew the song too - maybe we can sing it all together in a couple of weeks! thanks!

Neda said...

I am dying of laughter over here. My side is hurting. Thank you.