Thursday, February 26, 2009

Noticing Lauren C.'s Week

1. Boxes on Trains
I live over the hill from very busy train tracks and love
hearing the train whistle almost every hour but have actually never
seen it. I saw this train at work, just a few miles away, maybe it
goes on the same tracks by my house. I loved the color of the
containers, like children's blocks, carrying something, somewhere.
Now I have these beautiful colors to imagine chugging by when I hear
the train whistle from my mysterious train.

2. 490
This greets me everyday when I come home, our house number
and little birdhouse. I love how everything in this picture is a
little tattered: the cement wall is chipping, the house number is all
scratched up and the bird house is full of cobwebs. Somehow the
imperfection of it all makes me feel welcome and home.

3. Waiting for Eggs
I live in the city and we are raising chickens in our
backyard. We raised them from chicks and they have finally reached
the age where they should begin laying eggs. We built them a nesting
box, made a nest, and added some golf balls for their inspiration.
Every morning I open the door on their coop to see if they have laid
an egg yet. In this picture, I love the feathers that have fallen
around the "eggs". This is my image of hopeful expectation.

4. Walking Beauties
Every morning on my to work and on my way home I see this
beautiful woman walking her dogs. She is so striking to me with her
beautiful brown skin, most often clothed entirely in black, walking
these enormous fluffy white dogs on either side of her with great
power and grace. I was delighted to meet her on a walk and she gladly
stopped for this picture. In this photo I noticed for the first time
her fur-lined hood which completes the picture.

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