Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Dear Deers

Thoughts from Meg:

Four or fewer... sounds so deceptively simple. But it wasn't. REALLY.
The only MEAL that I ate that had 4 or fewer ingredients was breakfast. And this wasn't a deviation from my standard fare: oatmeal or Grape Nuts, natural peanut butter, tea and milk.

I couldn't do a day of four or fewer because I don't cook. While I plan all the dinners and do the shopping, Nick is home first and cooks. Yeah! We ate deer enchiladas, deer tacos, pizza, deer chili, chicken and roasted pork loin last week. (Can you tell that I live with a hunter?) Most of the shortcuts we employ to make dinner have a few ingredients that do not occur in nature.

I feel that my family and I eat mostly wholesome foods and I'm super conscious of salt, MSG, high fructose corn syrup, etc., in the products I do buy. This project made me feel a bit guilty that we're not eating more simply, but when you look at recipes, especially vegetarian ones, there is NO WAY to stick within the 4 or fewer ideal.

Coincidentally, Nick and I watched Fast Food Nation on Saturday night. I will not be eating, or taking my family, to any fast food restaurant for awhile. It was truly unsettling to see the food served in schools. When I compare the lunch menus at my kids' schools, they are so different. I'm getting over my "clean your plate" feeling at lunch and starting to think: throw it out!

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