Sunday, March 29, 2009

New Catcher's Mask

Henry has been asking for a catcher's mask for about a year.

I, Husband and I have been able to successfully distract him from this acquisition for about 11 months and 27 days of that year. Then we tried to make him one out of a clothes hanger. He totally bought it for about 13 minutes.
It even matched his armor! And his glove!

Then he decided that wire masks were for 3 year olds and that his would better fit Svea. Then he asked Brian to look up on the computer a better one for him (!?!?!?!?!!).

He counted the days until it arrived, then wrote the mail carrier a Thank You note for bringing it to our house. That sweet mail carrier even wrote him back.

Thank goodness for birthday money, youth-sized equipment and nice postal workers.

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Crazy Train said...

That first photo is priceless! I love his expressions. He seems like a blast.