Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Feeling Crummy

Thoughts from Kristen:

I did A Meal Under Four - grudgingly, sort of -

Cereal was out, except for oatmeal. But I like oatmeal, and I could even put brown sugar on top, so I was happy. I had to pass on my usual black cherry grape juice and have orange instead. Still okay.
Much of my tea, which is my preferred morning drink, has more than four ingredients, so I thought I'd have coffee. I then realized that I couldn't have soy milk in it because of the many, many ingredients in that.
I went back to tea, plain green. For a mid-morning snack, I had applesauce.
And then I had lunch plans, so that ended the project.

This exercise certainly proved how much "stuff" is in so much of the food and drinks we consume, but I don't feel that moved to change much. Except maybe for breadcrumbs ... have you seen the number of ingredients in such a simple food?

I think I'll stick to making bread and collecting my own crumbs.

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