Sunday, March 15, 2009

Good Intentions

This is the last week of Project Aware.

We began with Noticing Our Daily Lives with simple photography in Week One.

In Week Two, we focused on awareness around the Ingredients In Our Food.

Then Week Three was about noticing our immediate environment and Tiny Benevolent Changes we could make to our surroundings.

This Fourth and Final Week, we concentrated on an intention.
Here was the assignment:

1. Find an intention for your week. For those of you who have done this before, in a class or a group, you may have held an intention for yourself for an hour or maybe a whole day. This is one you will carry with you all week.
To define, an "intention" in this case would be something you are needing for yourself. Something that calms or balances or inspires you. This is only about YOUR intention.
Some examples may be courage, strength, balance, calm, peace, love, joy, laughter, pride, wisdom, clarity, etc.

2. Once you have decided on your intention, everyday M-F write it somewhere. You can write it on the back of an envelope, on a piece of napkin, your arm, the mirror - anywhere.

3. Finally, find a way to "image" where you wrote your intention. If you wrote on a tiny pieces of paper, you could collect those and take a picture of them. If you write on fleeting materials, then photograph where you wrote each day. If you simply make a list on the same pad of paper, take a picture of the list at the end of the week.

All of these photos of Intentions can be found here and here, if you want a closer look.
Let's see what everyone came up with...

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