Monday, March 02, 2009

I, Mollie, am Indeed Indebted to You, Alicia

Thoughts from Alicia:

This assignment was especially hard for me. I am a “live to eat” person, a trait I share with my father and several other members of my family. I am also nearly 7 months pregnant, which has intensified my love and appreciation of food. For reasons in addition to these, I considered not participating this week, but decided I needed to see what lessons I could learn from the experience.

7:30 am Breakfast
I had an odd craving for Honey Nut Cheerios this morning. I normally do not like this cereal, and was reminded of this half way through the bowl. However, the sweet left-over milk and juicy orange was just as refreshing as my cool glass of water. Emotional state: content.

10:00 am Snack
Starving, I raided the kitchen for a snack. I was quickly satisfied by a handful of walnuts, purple grapes, and a steaming cup of hot chocolate. Emotional state: content for a few moments, but then slightly agitated.

11:45 am Lunch
I am really getting hungry now and kicking myself for deciding to do this assignment. I couldn’t resist a left-over turkey burger and steamed broccoli. I cheated a little with some “adornments” on my sandwich: pickles made the 4th ingredient, but I snuck in some sliced tomato and red onion too. Emotional state: irritated and in need of dark chocolate.

5:30 pm Dinner
It’s the end of the day and I’m losing patience. It’s either the hormones, the fact that I’m iron deficient (and still haven’t gone to the store to buy a supplement), or just incredibly hungry. While preparing dinner, I’ll be honest and admit I had some more grapes mixed in Greek yogurt. However, I was still able to stick to my four for the actual "comfort" meal: lemon-pepper chicken, red-leaf salad, sweet potato, and a yeast roll. Okay, so I did add candied pecans, dried cranberries, and raspberry-walnut dressing to the salad after I snapped the picture. Oh, and Smart Balance spread on the sweet potato and the roll. Emotional state: distraught and dark of mood, still in need of chocolate … so I thankfully devour four homemade chocolate chip cookies with a tall glass of milk, lovingly made by my husband.

As for the lesson I learned: I am grateful for my high metabolism and hope that it remains as I age, because if I had to eat like this all the time, I’d just rather not exist at all. iMollie, you owe me one!

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